Beck – Modern Guilt

September 30, 2008 by  
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“Modern Guilt” may be the most inviting Beck album he’s produced, snappier than “Guero”, and dare I say, wispy, clocking in with only 10 tracks and a run time of just under 34 minutes. Though the most ardent Beck fans may pine for the days of “Odelay” or “Sea Change” (his best album, in my opinion), this is definitely accessible and an easy, breezy listen. A few songs stand out, like “Replica”, and “Gamma Ray”, but most blend into a very groovy, sensational half hour of musical bliss.

There are some things missing, however. Nothing on it was as kick ass as “Hell Yes” from “Guero”; and, its fast pace makes it a little too short to really appreciate. Also, if you’re going to include Danger Mouse, make his presence known. I wouldn’t have been aware of it at all had I not read that he was involved on the back of the CD. I was expecting “Modern Guilt” to have one or two clunky 9 minute songs with such a short track listing; but looks like he went with a Weezer approach. I wish Weezer would do that sometime…

All in all, a short review for a short album and a nice effort. Beck’s still got it.

My rating: :-)