Jackass 3-D

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Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Jackass crew is back. I always find it tricky to actually review a “Jackass” movie because these aren’t really “films”, per se. There’s no storyline or plot or theme or even acting. Just about everything in a “Jackass” movie involves extremely dangerous, extremely stupid, and almost always disgusting  stunts and pranks. But as much as they may seem classless and gross, I enjoy the hell out of them.

And “Jackass 3-D” is no different. For those who are fans of the series, you will not be disappointed. Everyone gets their turn, including Johnny “Pretty Boy” Knoxville who gets reamed by a bull in one stunt. There are a few staged scenes, including one that I found highly amusing involving Weeman getting into a fight with another dwarf, and the result becomes a Dwarfarama involving the police and even paramedics. Everyone at the dive bar that’s regular sized can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Other staged scenes involve Knoxville returning as the “old man”, and in one scene called “really bad grandpa”, he makes out with his “granddaughter” and wants a stranger off the street to take a picture. Spike Jonze also returns to be dolled up as a fake old woman, and the two of them run amock.

But the best parts of the movie are when these clowns just set up the most ridiculous and bizarre stunts that you know will hurt them, and part of you kind of wants to see it happen. You sometimes enjoy watching their pain, because they’re just asking for it. One of my favorite examples of this is “Electric Avenue”, in which a group of them have to go through a corridor full of set up tasers in order to “get to their freedom” (they’re dressed up as those black and white striped cons). As they get tased, you know you shouldn’t…but you just start laughing uncontrollably.

There’s something about “Jackass” that makes it fun. I think it’s because these guys just enjoy torturing themselves so much, and each other. They always have a gleeful look on their face when they’re ready to perform some of these stunts. And even when they don’t want to, such as Steve-o having to “bungee” in a port-a-john, or drinking sweat from a cup (“Sweatsuit Cocktail”)–they still go through it, and wind up laughing about it later.

For those who don’t find anything redeeming about “Jackass”, this won’t convert you. In fact, some of it is so hard to watch because of many induced vomiting moments, that I would advise if you’re the one whose boyfriend dragged you to the theatre because you made him see “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”–do not get anything to eat during the movie. It will most likely end up all over you.

And one thing about the 3-D: It’s just OK. There’s nothing that will “bring you into the experience” anymore than if you saw it in 2-D. Sometimes it does make you feel like you’re in the room with them; but I didn’t notice anything too groundbreaking about it.

“Jackass 3-D” is sick, twisted fun, and delivers what it promises: complete numbskullery.

My rating: :-)


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